• Accumulate, study and innovate!Sanding fire-resistant 90 minutes of heat insulation fireproof glass national initiative!

    2019-06-18 997

    Innovation leads development, and science and technology achievements reap benefits.On May 9, 2018, heshan sanding fireproof glass co., ltd. successfully developed a fireproof fireproof glass with a thickness of 25MM for 90 minutes and a size of 1000mm*2000mm, which is the first in China!Prior to this, sanding has already achieved a great success. In January, after the 3-hour fire-resistant glass of a single piece of non-heat-resistant fire-resistant glass, it took over the 3-hour fire-resistant fire-resistant glass, which was a great achievement and occupied a place in the field of innovation.

    Heshan sanding fireproof glass co., ltd. is committed to becoming a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production and sales of tempered glass, single fireproof glass, composite, fireproof glass curtain wall, etc. Its brands have passed many authoritative tests, and are widely used in all kinds of famous construction projects.

    Do not climb the mountain, do not know the sky is high;If you don't face a deep stream, you don't know how thick the land is.Sanding will continue to make unremitting efforts to develop the research and innovation of the deep processing of glass technology. No one has the same, and no one has the same. Sanding will always adhere to the spirit of sanding, strive to develop and innovate, continue to win the trust of customers and the market on a solid basis, and display the brand with new technology and image.

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